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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our hitches do not necessarily go by the typical 3-point hitch category sizing. For example, if you have a tractor that requires our Category 2 Male hitch, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to purchase a Category 2 Female hitch for your implement. It may be an implement that could use our Category 1 Heavy Duty Female, which then saves you money on your hitch system.

We do each individual quote based on your tractor’s horsepower and the implements the hitches will be used on. Asking our customers to provide us with tractor and implement information before we quote a price allows us to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to outfit their tractors.

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We do not accept online orders. Along with the sizing customization there are many aspects of orders, such as measurements at attachment points and tractor information, for us to verify before placing the order. For this reason we ask that you call us toll free at 800-786-2829 or  904-786-2821 to place your order.

We do not currently work with any dealers. Our business is located at 9100 W. Beaver Street in Jacksonville, FL. We do ship all over the USA and Canada. However, if you are purchasing a tractor through a dealer, it is possible to add our hitch system into your loan.

Depending on the season and the demand, it generally takes 2-4 weeks from order to delivery. We will estimate a time of delivery upon placing your order and will notify you when your order ships.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, personal checks, and cashier’s checks. In most cases payment is required before we will ship your order.

We do not offer in house financing or payment plans. 

If you are a disabled agriculture worker needing financial assistance with equipment financing, AgrAbility is an organization that may be able to help. Please visit their website at http://www.agrability.org for more information.

Some dealerships allow hitch equipment to be added to a loan for a tractor. Your dealership will be able to assist you with this information.

Sizing & Specifications

Yes! Our hitches are built so that the biggest male will fit even the smallest female. Each male hitch will fit females of the same size or smaller. This allows our customers with certain lighter implements to switch between implements without having to change out the male hitch.

None! The hitch system simply hooks up as a normal three-point attachment requiring no modification to your tractor or implements. The only exception to this is if you opt for the weld-on version of the female hitches, which attach permanently to your implement.


No. You can choose not to install a female Jiffy Hitch on implements that you don’t use frequently. The male hitch is easily detached from the tractor by simply removing the pins holding it in place and the tractor reverts back to a traditional three-point hook up, allowing you to use the implement that does not have a female Jiffy Hitch on it.

The remote-controlled hydraulic top links plug into your tractor remote ports. If you don’t want to tie up the remote ports on your tractor or if you don’t have remote ports on your tractor, you would need a self-contained hydraulic top link. These top links have their own reservoirs and need no hydraulics from your tractor. They have a locking system that opens and shuts the reservoir. When in the open position the weight of the implement moves the rod in or out to the position at which you would like the implement to work. There is a fender mount available for the self-contained top link that attaches to the top link and allows you to adjust the implement as needed.