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Work Safe.
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Increase your tractor work safety and efficiency with The Jiffy Hitch System.

Jiffy Hitch w/ PTO Connector with rake

The Jiffy Hitch System

The Jiffy Hitch System is a three point hitch system for your tractor that gives you the freedom to quickly switch your implements, including PTO implements, without leaving your tractor seat or needing another person’s assistance. We’ve been building durable quick hitches that assist our customers in safely and efficiently switching their implements since 1991.

We are a small, family owned business so we understand the importance of making your investments count. Every hitch is American made in our shop located in Jacksonville, Florida. We stand by our hitches and guarantee the perfect fit and durable quality.

Jiffy Hitch w/PTO Rear
Jiffy Hitch w/PTO Shield View
Jiffy Hitch w/PTO Connector Mower

Our hitch system eliminates:

Getting off and on your tractor to switch implements​​

With the Jiffy Hitch System, you save valuable time and reduce safety risks by not having toget off the tractor every time you need to switch an implement.​​

Standing Between your tractor and implements​​​

Standing between your tractor and implements poses significant safety risks. Our system keeps you on the tractor and out of harms way.​​

Needing assistance to hook and unhook implements​

The Jiffy Hitch System eliminates the time waiting for someone to help change implements and reduces the number of people in hazardous situations.​

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Our male hitches range in price from $699 to $1,899, females range from $399 to $949, and our top links range from $329 to $482.

To ensure the perfect fit, every customer receives a custom quote based on their needs and the specs of the tractor(s) and implement(s) they use. For your free quote, please use the link below to fill out our quote request form. You will need to provide your tractor make, model, and horsepower as well as the types of implements you use. You can also call us at 904-786-2821 or toll-free at 1-800-786-2829.

We also now accept trade ins on your standard Jiffy Hitch System to apply towards the purchase of a new Jiffy Hitch with PTO Connector system! The trade in value is determined based on the age and condition of your used system. Give us a call to find out your trade in value!​

If you are a disabled tractor operator and need assistance with tractor equipment financing, please visit AgrAbility’s website at http://www.agrability.org to see how they may be able to help. AgrAbility is a wonderful organization that helps disabled agriculture workers with a wide range of disabilities gain access to the equipment they need. We have proudly partnered with them to set up several of their clients with our hitch system. Contact AgrAbility for more information.

What our customers say

“I first saw the Jiffy Hitch System demonstrated at Empire Farm Days in Seneca Falls, NY in 2009. It took until 2012 and a Workers Compensation claim later to convince my superiors that we really needed the Jiffy Hitch. We have had it over two years now and it is worth every penny. It takes a little work to get the tractors and implements fitted properly, but once you do it is just as easy as the demonstration videos say it is. It is safe, and it is easy! I would recommend this system to anyone that is looking. I am looking to purchase a Jiffy Hitch System for my tractor at home too!”​
Aaron Smith
Director of Facilities, Geneva City School District, NY
“I own and operate Johnson’s Backyard Garden, a 200-acre certifies organic vegetable farm in Austin, TX. Since we grow so many different kinds of vegetables, we use over 20 pieces of equipment and change it out daily. We use the Jiffy Hitch System on everything as it allows us to make these equipment changes efficiently and safely. As a diversified vegetable grower, I highly recommend Jiffy Hitch for its ease of use and reliability.”
Brenton Johnson​
Johnson’s Backyard Garden